Gutters play an important role in the protection of your home’s structure.
Regular maintenance is needed to keep them working properly.
How do you know when it is time to repair or replace.

These are some signs to watch for.

  1. Gutters are visibly cracked or split.  This will allow water to leak through.  Small cracks can grow to large problems very quickly.
  2. Paint that is peeling around the gutters, on siding, and decks and patio furniture below the gutters.  This also indicates leakage and water damage due to overflowing and leaking gutters.
  3. Watermarks on the siding or foundation are a sign that water, while dried and gone, caused damage at some time.
  4. Rust stains reveal corrosion to the gutters as they age.  Corroded gutters ultimately develop holes and leaks.
  5. Rotten Shingles along the edge of the roof are caused when water backs up in clogged gutters.  Watch for shingles near the gutter line to curl or disintegrate faster than the rest of the roof.
  6. Gutters that sag or are pulling away from the house show that they are too heavy, weighted down by debris or water that couldn’t flow properly.  Sagging or hanging gutters may indicate that the gutters are in need of repair, replacement, or that they may not be the right system for your particular home.
  7. Standing water around the foundation means that water is not flowing away from the home.  This standing water can result in serious and expensive foundation damage such as bowing and cracked walls.
  8. Mildew & plant growth in or near gutters is caused by a leakage that created an ideal moisture environment for organic growth, which is not ideal for the structure of the home

While minor gutter repair can be accomplished by a homeowner, more significant repair and replacement is best performed by a professional.  Seams, where the gutter sections are connected, must be properly sealed to prevent water from building up. Professional gutter installers will know the proper way to seal these seams or, even better, be able to manufacture gutter sections to the exact length needed and remove the need for seams altogether.  Professional gutter installers will also know the right tools, connections, elbows, caps, and spikes to use so that the gutter system will last longer and work correctly without causing damage to the siding, soffit, and fascia.  Lastly, installing gutters is a job for 2 or more people.  An installation crew will work together efficiently and complete the installation in a relatively short amount of time.

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