How to know the difference between the qualified roofer and one that just looks the part.

Anyone can have a website built, show great pictures of finished roofs, and say they are the best.  They can create a mirage that makes homeowners think they are qualified to provide excellent workmanship.
A mirage is something that appears real but in fact, is without substance or reality.  It is an illusion or trickery.   Some roofing contractors will provide the illusion they are more when they are a one-man crew in a pick-up with very little experience or are even scam artists.

So how do you tell the difference?

Credibility is how.  Credibility is the quality of being believable or worthy of trust, having integrity, and being reliable.

You wouldn’t trust your family’s home to someone who wasn’t credible, would you?

Like the water mirage in the desert, the closer you get the mirage fades away and you see there is only barren desert ahead.  To tell the difference between a credible roofer and a mirage, get a little closer.

Does the roofer not only have a nice website but is it informative about the contractor, his crews, equipment, and location.  Does it show you that he really knows the craft?

Beyond the website, does the roofer have a permanent location or could they leave town in a blink and not be there when you need them?

Do they have their own well-maintained equipment that is needed to get the job done right or is it a small pick-up truck with ladders tied to it?

Are the employees his or subcontractors?  This is important because a roofing contractor who hires subcontractors really doesn’t know the quality of the work and the experience of the workers.  Roofers who hire their own crews will stand by the quality of their work.

Are they licensed and insured?  When in doubt, check it out.  If you are not sure, ask for proof of insurance or license.  In the commonwealth of PA you can look up their contractor’s license at the attorney general website  An uninsured roofer or under-insured roofer puts your home at risk.  Their insurance protects you in case of injury on your property, damage to your home or a neighbor, and more.

Do they have reviews or referrals on other reputable source’s websites such as Google and the BBB?  Sure they can put customer quotes on their site, but third-party sites are non-biased and out of the contractor’s control, so that is where you will find good, or bad reviews.

Did they come on time and provide a detailed estimate of the work to be done including materials to be used, specific aspects of the projects, and potential problems that may occur?

Get a little closer and move past the mirage to find the qualified roofer with the credibility you want to work on your home and get a little closer to Craig Gouker Roofing.  We are licensed and insured, hire only the best roofers, have our own equipment, and two permanent locations with a warehouse and two showrooms.  Check out our reviews and referrals online and give us a call.  We will answer any questions, provide a detailed estimate, professional service, and quality workmanship.  You will find, without a doubt, Craig Gouker Roofing is the most credible roofing contractor for your project.

Craig Gouker Roofing has been installing quality residential roofing in South East Pittsburgh since 1991 and is the expert in asphalt shingle roof replacement.