Looking for a Quality Roof in Pleasant Hills?

Buying a home can be an adventure, but as homeowners, we learn that the adventure doesn’t always go as planned. Having a home is an investment in your family’s future, and even when things don’t go your way, the last thing you should worry about is the roof over your head.

We’ve got you covered at Craig Gouker Roofing. If you’re looking for a professional roofing company and you live in the Pleasant Hills area, give our team a call. You’ll get a free estimate, and no matter your roof needs, we can handle the job. Contact us today.

Roofing Services in Pleasant Hills, PA

Trustworthy and Confident

Though wind and rain may seem like everyday storms, it is important to do regular checkups on your roof. Maintaining the value of your investment starts from the top. Working with customers all over Pennsylvania, we have over 30 years of experience. We have weathered many storms, and we are ready to help you too! Craig Gouker Roofing is a full service roofing company. Here are some of our offerings.

Roof Estimates and Financing

When you need a new roof, it’s important not to put it off too long. Cost is one of the top reasons people wait to replace their roof. Don’t delay this type of maintenance, as it could cost you more in the end.

Important investments like this can’t wait. That’s why, with Craig Gouker Roofing, we offer a variety of financing options for our roofing projects. Why wait? Don’t put off what you can fix today. We offer some of the most competitive rates in Pleasant Hills, PA, and we are confident we can find an option for you to get started today.

Contact us for a free estimate, and we will get your project started right away.

Reroofing and Roof Installations

We’ve been doing this a long time, and we’ve seen everything. Most of the jobs we see are reroofing and new roof installations. We strive to work with the homeowner to get your project finished ASAP. With new builds, we’ll work with the contractors to integrate your new roof design to your current home plans.

From day one, we aim to make the process seamless. From planning, tear off, installation and disposal, Craig Gouker Roofing will take care of it so you don’t have to!

Gutters and Downspouts

You could face thousands of dollars in maintenance if you don’t have a good drainage system. Your home could be damaged, and it could cost much more to fix a foundation issue than you thought. Water damage and humidity can cause huge problems, such as mold or rot in the frame.

Maintaining a proper drainage system and a good roof is an easy way to prevent these issues. When your roof drains properly, you extend the lifetime of your investment and prevent other issues from coming up

Call us if you see humidity, mold, or if you see other signs of drainage issues. Our team in Pleasant Hills is ready to help you install or repair your gutters, downspouts and home drainage system.

Own a Business?

As a business owner, you understand just what kind of coverage is needed to be successful. Just like residential roofs, commercial roofs need maintenance to ensure the integrity of your investment.

We work with all types of materials like metal, asphalt, EPDM or any other commercial roofing material, we understand how to repair and replace it. At Craig Gouker Roofing, we have worked with business owners all over PA, and we are here to help assess any of the complex issues that come with maintaining a commercial property. You keep your business, and we keep you covered!

Why work with us?

Service, experience and guarantee make Craig Gouker Roofing the trusted roofing company in Pleasant Hills, PA. Trusted by businesses and homeowners alike, Craig Gouker Roofing is a full service contractor in the Pleasant Hills area with over thirty years experience. From installation to repair, we have seen it all.

Best Tech, Best Team, Best Materials

Innovation is everywhere, and in the roofing industry there is no exception. To reach the highest quality, we use top of the line materials and highly trained team members to deliver the best product.

Using Owens Corning™ TruDefinition Duration® shingles, we are able to deliver high quality installation. The quality of our materials ensure the safety of your investment for years to come.

We use 3D aerial mapping tools to create precise measurements of your roof. From there, we plan your project in great detail, which helps you to save on future costs in the building process.

We use the roofing buggy system, which makes for a clean work site. The roofing buggy collects debris as we work. With this, we are able to save time and create a safe work space.

Utilizing this cutting edge technology with state of the art materials, the expert roofing team at Craig Gouker Roofing will give you the best service in PA.

The Craig Gouker Guarantee

For over 30 years, we have done just one thing. Craig Gouker Roofing isn’t just another contractor “who can also do your roof.” We are the roofing experts, and we have consistently delivered a quality product to each and every one of our customers.

The last thing you want to worry about is more maintenance if you are installing a new roof on your home. Repairing a roof is tough. That’s why we offer 5 years of coverage for you and your roof. The Craig Gouker workmanship guarantee. If there are any problems with your roof as a result of our work, we will come out to fix any issue.

Other companies may offer the same roof, but no one has you covered like Craig Gouker. Quality service and a guarantee like ours is hard to find, which shows how confident we are. Free estimate and five years guarantee.

We are roofers down to our core. We invite you to check out our work. See what our customers have to say, and see for yourself why we’re so confident in our product.

When you’re ready, call for your free estimate with Craig Gouker in Pleasant Hills, PA.