Roofing terms glossary to help you communicate with your roofer.  
It is important to understand what needs to be replaced or repaired.  If you don’t understand your roofer’s estimate, ask for further explanation.

  • Felt – a barrier that protects the roof deck from moisture
  • Eave – The part of the roof that extends beyond the edge
  • Eave Vents – screens that allow fresh air into the attic
  • Downspout – connected to the gutter, downspouts carry water to ground level, away from the foundation
  • Dormer – smaller roof set into the larger roof
  • Dry Rot – deterioration of wood caused by prolonged moisture
  • Flashing – waterproof construction at intersections of planes and openings in the roof
  • Fascia – connects the roof to the soffit, where gutters are attached
  • Soffit – Covers the underside of the roof overhang
  • Gutters – carries rain off roof and into downspouts to move away from foundation
  • Diverter – a metal piece that moves water away from an opening when gutters can’t be used.
  • Hip – the intersection of two sides of the roof that form a sloping ridge from top to bottom
  • Ridge – the intersection of two roof planes that form a horizontal peak
  • Ridge Vent – an exhaust vent that runs along the peak of the roof to allow air to escape the attic
  • Pitch – the slope of the roof
  • Underlayment – the layer of protective material between the deck and shingles
  • Deck – the base of the roof, usually wood or plywood
  • Valley – the area where two sloping roof sides join at an angle to allow water runoff
  • Square – A measurement term referring to the surface area of the roof.  100 square feet, usually 10′ X 10″ area

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