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Asphalt shingles have long been the standard in residential roofing. The combination of durability and cost effectiveness they provide sets them apart as compared with other available materials, such as slate, metal, or rubber roofing. 

If you’re considering installing shingles on your roof, or already have an existing shingle roof and want to replace them, trust Craig Gouker Roofing to handle the job. 

We’ve got the experience, technology, and expertise needed to get the job done right, leaving you with the best roof in the business and protection for years to come.

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The Many Benefits of Shingles

There’s a reason asphalt shingles are so popular: in residential buildings, they are simply the best. Some of the many benefits shingles provide include: 

  • Best bang for your buck — As a relatively affordable material, you get a lot with asphalt shingles. They provide a similar layer of protection against the elements as other materials, such as slate or metal, but they are usually much less expensive. 
  • Versatility — Shingles come in all shapes and sizes, and they are also flexible. This means roofers can bend them and position them in such a way that will fully cover and protect your roof no matter how it’s been constructed.
  • Design — Shingles come in all different colors, meaning there is something for everyone. Some shingles are designed to look like other materials, such as slate, which allows you to achieve this look without having to spend the extra money or deal with the extra install hassles that come with using these other types of materials. 
  • Wind, water, and impact resistant — Asphalt shingles are well suited to handle the three biggest threats your roof faces. And the better quality shingles you use (something we always recommend at Craig Gouker Roofing), the better protection they provide.
  • Multi-Decade Protection — At the low end, asphalt shingles last 30 years, though most are now rated for 50 years. This means that if you use asphalt shingles, you may never need to install another roof while you own your home.
  • Easy install —  As compared with other materials, shingles are relatively easy to install, especially when you hire experienced roofers like those working at Craig Gouker Roofing. Using the right tools and techniques, we can have your old roof removed in a morning and then install the new one in a matter of days. With other heavier materials, this isn’t feasible. 
  • Energy efficiency — Your roof is a critical component to your entire home’s energy efficiency. Warm air rises and can leak through your roof. Asphalt shingles applied with the right inner membrane can dramatically reduce your energy costs, saving you heaps of money in the long term. 

How to Remove and Replace Shingles

If you’ve got shingles on your roof already, or are considering installing them on your home, to prepare you, here’s a little more about the installation process: 

  • Step 1: Decide If You Want to Replace the Old Roof or Layer Over It — If you’ve already got shingles on your roof, the first decision you need to make is if you want to strip the old layer off or simply add on top of it. The advantage of leaving it is that it shortens the entire project time and saves you some money. But if you’ve already got two layers on there, or if there is underlying structural damage, then you need to remove the old one and start fresh. If it’s a new construction, you obviously have no choice but to start from scratch.
  • Step 2: Framing and Insulation — With the old roof off, the next step is to make sure the frame is in good shape and to install or update insulation, which includes putting down a layer of waterproof membrane to keep moisture out and protect your roof. 
  • Step 3: Drainage, Caulking, and Ice Shields — The next step is to make sure your roof is properly set up for drainage. Water runoffs need to be installed on the edges, caulking needs to be applied where roof planes meet, and ice shields should be installed where water might collect and cause damage. 
  • Step 4: Apply New Shingles — Once all the prep work is done, it’s time to install the new roof. Shingles are layered on from the bottom up to ensure the underlying roof is sealed off. Depending on the size of your roof, this part of the job could take anywhere from a few days to more than a week.

Trust Craig Gouker Roofing to Install Your Shingles

When it comes time to replace or install your shingles, there is only one roofing contractor your should trust: Craig Gouker Roofing. There are a number of reasons for this, including: 

Best Quality Shingles. Period.

When it comes to shingles, quality matters. Sure, you can save a few dollars by using a lower grade shingle, but this will only hurt you in the end.

At Craig Gouker Roofing, we use only Owens Corning™️ TruDefinition Duration®️ Shingles, which are simply the best in the business. Rated to resist wind speeds up to 130mph and certified algae-resistant for ten years, you won’t find anything better out there. 

Plus, Craig Gouker Roofing has been identified as an Owens Corning™️ Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor, which means the manufacturer recognizes our workmanship as being on par with the quality of the materials they make. 

For you, this translates to the best possible shingled roof your money can buy. 

Quick and Easy Shingle Removal

Although a roofing job takes some time, we also recognize you don’t want it to drag on forever. Our experienced professionals know how to get the job done correctly and efficiently, meaning you won’t have to wait more than a few days or a week to get a new roof once we’ve started work. 

We also use the roofer’s buggy system on all of our roofing jobs, which allows us to quickly and easily collect all waste materials (old shingles, for example) reducing overall project time and saving you money.

Full Roof Inspection

As roofing experts, we know everything there is to know about roofs. We’re not just shingle installers. Therefore, when you hire us, we can do a bit more than other roofing contractors. 

Our experienced professionals will take a look at your entire roof, both before and after your shingles have been removed and will provide you with an honest assessment of its structural integrity. This way, if there are any issues, you can address them in the moment, saving you time and, in the long-run, a good amount of money.


Workmanship Guarantee

The shingles we use come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, but we go a step further and offer a workmanship guarantee, something none of our competitors do. 

This means that if something were to happen to your roof within five years of full payment that is the result of our work, we will replace it or repair it at no cost to you. That’s just how much we believe in what we do.

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