Roofing Installation Workmanship Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Details Make the Difference

When you do quality work, it is easy to stand behind it.  With over two decades of experience using up-to-date install practices, we are confident in the work we do.  We offer a 5-year Workmanship Guarantee on all our installations for added peace of mind for our customers.

What is a workmanship guarantee?

Most roofing material manufacturers offer a warranty on the products used to repair or replace when there is a defect in the material.  These warranties do not cover problems arising from installation.  This is where a workmanship guarantee comes in.

A workmanship guarantee is offered by the contractor and covers all defects related to installation work only.

Simply, within 5 years of installation and payment in full, if you have leaks or malfunctions due to an error in installation, we will repair or replace the affected area at no charge to the homeowner.  We cannot be responsible for damage and leaks caused by (a) unusual or extreme weather or environmental conditions (such as hail, ice, high winds) (b) as a result of a lack of proper maintenance by the homeowner (c) work from other contractors.  Our Workmanship Guarantee is transferable within the 5-year term.