Your home’s roof is the crowning jewel of your castle, safeguarding your loved ones and cherished belongings from the elements. Beyond its practicality, it’s also a symbol of aesthetics and curb appeal. Achieving the roof of your dreams isn’t just about choosing the right shingles; it’s about mastering accessory selection. In this guide, we’ll walk you through creating your dream roof by selecting the perfect roofing accessories.

The Art of Accessory Selection: Elevate Your Roofing Game

When it comes to roofing, it’s not only about the shingles. Your roof’s beauty and functionality rely on the careful selection of various accessories. Let’s delve into these key elements individually.

  1. Gutters and Downspouts: Efficient Water Management

Your dream roof’s longevity depends on effective water management. Gutters and downspouts play a crucial role in this system. Select the right size and style that complements your home’s design. Well-maintained gutters and downspouts prevent water from infiltrating your foundation, averting costly damage.

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  1. Skylights: Welcoming Natural Light

Skylights not only illuminate your living spaces but also add a touch of luxury. When choosing skylights, consider your home’s orientation, room size, and energy efficiency. Opt for energy-efficient, double-glazed models with UV protection to manage light and temperature. These accessories not only add style but also reduce energy costs.

Our recommendation for skylights is VELUX Skylights, also available at CGR Wholesale.

Winter Roof Damage

Old Image of multiple VELUX Skylight products at CGR Wholesale’s warehouse

  1. Ridge Vents: Optimal Ventilation

A well-ventilated roof prolongs its lifespan and averts issues like mold and heat buildup. Ridge vents play a pivotal role in providing the necessary airflow. When selecting ridge vents, factor in compatibility with your roofing materials and your region’s climate. Proper ventilation is indispensable to maintain your dream roof’s pristine appearance.

When it comes to ridge vent installation, Lomanco Vents are our preferred choice, ensuring unmatched performance and durability.

  1. Flashing: Safeguarding Vulnerable Points

Flashing is the unsung hero of roofing, sealing vulnerable areas like chimneys, skylights, and vents, thwarting leaks and damage. Invest in quality flashing materials and ensure professional installation. The right flashing secures your dream roof against the harshest weather conditions.

Image of pumpkin spice colored flashing installed by our crew


Your dream roof is within reach. By mastering the art of accessory selection, you can transform your roof into a functional and aesthetic masterpiece. Gutters and downspouts ensure proper water management, while skylights introduce natural light and luxury. Ridge vents maintain your roof’s ventilation, and flashing shields vulnerable points.

Ready to turn your dream roof into a reality? Contact Craig Gouker Roofing today to start your roofing project. Our experts are here to guide you through selecting the perfect accessories to create the roof you’ve always envisioned.