PictureWhen spring arrives and everyone is preparing for outdoor fun and projects it is important to remember your roof. Winter weather is tough on roofs and spring storms aren’t easy either. Make a quick inspection of your roof and be sure to look for signs of damage or wear.

  • Are shingles curling or bubbled?  This could lead to shingles blowing off in the spring and summer wind.
  • Are the shingles deteriorating?  Look for granules in the gutters and at the bottom of the downspouts.
  • Check the attic.  A musty smell in the attic or mildew/ mold appearance means moisture is getting in and building up.  This could be a sign of a failing roof.
  • Are there missing shingles?  A sure sign that some repair or replacement is needed.
  • Gutters are a crucial part of a roof system.  Spring cleaning should include gutter cleaning and checking for loose or damaged gutters and downspouts.
  • Check the seals on the flashing and around chimneys to be sure to prevent or repair any leaks.  Rust is a sign of deteriorating flashing.

If any of these indications are present, schedule an estimate with a reputable roofer to assess the roof and gutter system.

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