The siding on your home is more than just a design feature.  It protects and insulates your home from outdoor conditions.  There are many signs that it is time to repair or replace your home’s exterior.

  • Damaged or Worn Siding
    If your siding is cracked or damaged from hail or other impacts, you should repair or replace it as it no longer can properly protect your home. Another sign of damage or wear is loose siding that is hanging or separated from itself.  Missing or cracked caulking and protruding nails are also signs of wear indicating that the siding has moved or shifted since its installation.
  • Siding Blistering
    Bumps or bubbles in the siding is an indication that temperatures and moisture are wreaking havoc on your exterior. It is important to identify and correct the cause and repair or replace the damaged areas.
  • Animals and Insects
    Siding should also protect against small animals and insects invading your home.  If you notice holes in the side of your house, they are likely caused by insects boring through the exterior covering.  Replacing the siding will keep the pests out.
  • Interior Signs
    Peeling wallpaper and cracking paint on the interior walls may indicate that moisture is penetrating and damaging the interior structure of the home.
  • High Energy Bills
    Siding is part of the insulation of a house.  If the siding isn’t doing its part, then heat and cool air can escape.
  • Wood/Dry Rot
    Damage to the wood structure behind the siding is a sure sign the siding isn’t protecting it.
  • Fungus, Mold, Mildew Growth
    Some molds, fungus, and mildew can be toxic or cause an allergic reaction in some people.  It is important to professionally treat or remove the infected areas for the health and safety of the residents.
  • Color & Style
    Perhaps the look is outdated or not your style.  Maybe the colors have faded and look washed out.  This may be a time to consider replacing, especially if you want to sell your home.  Updated fresh exteriors are an important selling feature.
  • High  Maintenance Costs
    Older exterior materials require more maintenance than newer vinyl materials.  Painting, staining, and repairing can be expensive year after year. Replacing with new siding could reduce your future expense.

Siding is more than just color.  It is a vital part of the protection of your home and structure.  Consult a professional to evaluate the existing condition and to repair or replace vinyl siding.

Craig Gouker Roofing has been installing quality residential roofing & siding in South East Pittsburgh since 1991 and is the expert in shingle roof replacement.