​Properly installing of a new roof is important to be sure the roof serves its purpose to protect the home and the people and things within it.

Roof installation is a science.  It is important that the installer understands why and what steps to take to apply the new roof.  Manufacturers’ warranties hinder proper installation.  If the roof is not installed according to their specifications, they will not honor the warranty.  It is essential that the roofer takes into consideration the roof style, structure, and design when planning a roof replacement project.

A professional contractor will know that for the roof to be functional they must plan the ventilation and materials for the climate and roof design. Using the wrong materials will result in roof failure.  In addition to choosing the proper type of shingle, there is felt or underlayment and ice and water guard to be chosen.

A contractor must also be sure to repair any rotten or damaged wood beneath the shingles.  When it is time to apply the shingles, proper preparation, nailing, and application techniques are vital to a successful roofing installation.

For a roof to function properly and last its lifetime, a professional roofing contractor will know all the details that make the roof installation project successful.

Craig Gouker Roofing has been installing quality residential roofing in South East & Pittsburgh since 1991 and is the expert in shingle roof replacement.