Ie and water barrierThe purpose of a roof is to protect the home from the elements;  wind, rain, ice, etc.   In most climates, ice and/or water are a concern you can’t ignore.
Owens Corning™ Weather Lock G Ice & Water Barrier

Ice and water protection should be discussed for almost every residential roofing project and will likely appear on your estimate.  Ice and water barriers allow proper water flow preventing damage caused by high wind and rain storms and ice build-up known as ice dams.  It strongly adheres to the plywood roof deck providing a second line of defense to the underlayment.  The barrier is applied to the most vulnerable parts of the roof.  Depending on the type of roof this could be the valleys, eaves, and rakes, or the entire deck surface.  Contractors may also suggest applying it around chimneys and other areas where leaks are likely to occur.

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