Most roofing material companies offer warranties on their products.  It is important to know what the warranties cover before using a warranty to determine the products and contractors you choose.

Manufacturer’s warranties usually offer coverage when there is a defect in the roofing material that causes leaks.  This coverage is limited to when normal conditions exist.  Often environmental damage such as wind, hail, or ice damage is not covered.  Manufacturer’s coverage will typically cover the cost of replacing the materials, not the labor to do so.  They also do not cover replacing the entire roof, just repairing or replacing the defective areas.

Manufacturer’s warranties often exclude damage due to pre-existing conditions of the roof.  If the shingles were installed improperly or the roof structure and gutter design were faulty, coverage may be denied.  Many warranties are prorated, meaning the longer the roof is on your home the less coverage you have.

While a good warranty to cover defects is important, choosing your roofing contractor is more so.  A qualified contractor will know what type of material to use on your roof and how to install it properly, reducing the possibility of roof leakage. Your contractor will also recognize potential problems such as structure, drainage, and ventilation issues and address those ahead of time so they won’t damage your new shingles in the future.  A reputable contractor will offer a labor warranty to cover any issues that may arise for additional peace of mind.  Some contractors are recognized by the manufacturer who may offer additional workmanship guarantees.

When considering your new roof investment, be sure to look at the coverage warranties offer and especially the quality and knowledge of the company installing them.

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