Roof designs vary greatly from low-slope to steep-pitch and any number of sides.  Each has their own challenges.  It is good to know what style roof you have.

Flat Roof
Just as the name suggests, a flat roof is just that.  Uncommon on residential buildings, flat roofs are the most commonly found on commercial structures.  They are prone to leaking since water does not quickly flow off the roof.  Heavy snow will sit on the roof and cause collapse.

Lean-to/Shed Roof
Simply one side with a slope, with varying pitch, this type of roof removes water quickly.

Gable Roof
This is the most common roof in residential construction. Most gables are between 4/12 and 8/12 pitch with the ridge across the center.

Hipped Roof
A Hip roof has 4 sides and one ridge.  This style carries water quickly to the edges and provides good wind protection.

Gambrel Roof
This is similar to a traditional barn roof.  It has sides with different pitches which allows for more interior space.

Mansard Roof
This roof has steep side slopes and is flat on top. Often this roof has a second floor under the roof with dormers. Dormers are interruptions in the roof used to get windows into roofs. Normally this is done on a sloping attic area to increase standing room for bedrooms and to permit light or views

Cross Gabled Roof
This style roof has two or more gables that intersect creating a more interesting look.

Cross Hipped
For a cross hipped roof, the two hip roofs are laid out perpendicular to each other.

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