The quick answer to that question is…. It depends.

How much value a new roof can add depends on the condition of the old roof.  The more the improvement the more value it will add.  Further upgrades add more.  Architectural style shingles will add more value than traditional styles.

A new roof can add value in other ways.  Is the new roof energy efficient?  An energy-efficient, properly insulated roof can reduce energy bills.  The roof will also mean fewer repairs and maintenance costs to you.

If you are selling your house.  A new roof will add curb appeal attracting more potential buyers.  Some buyers are willing to pay more for a home with a new roof that was installed by a professional roofer.  They know it won’t need to be replaced in the near future.  A home inspector will recognize that it was installed properly and since most warranties transfer to the new homeowner that will give them peace of mind.

To get an idea of the value a new roof can add look at your neighbor’s homes.  Do they have a new roof?  What is the value of their homes?

The best way to get an accurate value of your home is to speak with a Realtor and get an appraisal.

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